Live Happy & Healthy

Educational program that seeks to raise awareness and contribute to the prevention and effective management of Diabetesthrough the promotion of health, self-care and healthy lifestyles of people with Diabetes and their families, as well as providing the necessary support for the proper use of our products by patients and final consumers. It consists of 10 theoretical and practical workshops developed by Diabetes Educators certified by the CDA (Colombian Diabetes Association):
  • Workshop 1. Learning about Diabetes
  • Workshop 2. Eat Healthy
  • Workshop 3. Exercise, stay active
  • Workshop 4. Learn to monitor yourself
  • Workshop 5. Prevent possible complications
  • Workshop 6. Take care of your feet
  • Workshop 7. Know how to apply insulin correctly
  • Workshop 8. Know your treatment for Diabetes: oral antidiabetics (OAD)
  • Workshop 9. Take care of your health integrally
  • Workshop 10. Manage stress and live positively


Training program for our strategic partners (Institutional Clients, Logistics Operators, Distributors and Health Professionals), which seeks to ensure the transmission of knowledge in the proper use of our products, as well as supporting the process of continuing medical education for effective management of diabetes.
  • Workshop 1. Recommendations for glucose self-monitoring (GSM)
  • Workshop 2. Insulin therapy
  • Workshop 3. Correct insulin application technique
  • Workshop 4. Prevention and early diagnosis of diabetic foot
  • Workshop 5. Proper use of our GlucoQuick® medical devices

Contact Center

Initiative that effectively manages the requests, complaints and claims of our clientsthrough personalized, warm and humanized attention by our advisors, following up until the closure and solution of the case through our line 018000510361 and via email

Technical Maintenance Service

Service of preventive and corrective technical maintenance of GlucoQuick® medical devices by our team of Biomedical Engineers and Technicians, guaranteeing their proper functioning.


It is a new integral technological solution that allows the centralized management of biometric data of patients with Diabetes. It is based on Web (cloud solution) that minimizes its administrative management. With the possibility of integration and exchange of data with external information systems.