Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the benefits of registering the warranty?
When making this registration, the Medical Device automatically has a 5- or 2-year warranty, depending on the case (Glucometer – Blood pressure cuff). This covers factory damage and care service either by phone or in person if the Device has any anomaly during the period covered by it.
2. What is the control solution?
The control solution is a substance that simulates a glucose load and is used to test that the strips and the device are working correctly.
3. The user manual talks about the control solution and when the equipment is delivered, does it come in the elements of the device?
The control solution is only handled by authorized company personnel. In this case, educators, technicians / maintenance engineers; in such case the team presents any inconvenience, they will be the ones to carry out a revision of the Device with the control solution.
4. The equipment can be used with a cable to transmit the equipment's data to a PC. Why doesn’t the equipment bring it?
The cables to carry out the data transfer to the computers are made through the Healthcare Institutions.
5. When comparing the results of my device with another, the results given are very different. Why does this happen?
Comparisons of results between Devices should not be performed since it will not be known with certainty which of the devices is giving correct values and which is altered. Validations must be carried out with the GlucoQuick Brand Device and notice that the difference between one result and another does not exceed the margin provided by ISO 15197 for differences between results of this type of test.
6. Why are there differences between glucometers and why doesn’t always give the same value?
The ISO 15197 standard indicates that between glucometers there may be differences and that the glucometer will not always give the same result. It should also be considered if there is a problem with the proper use of the strips or with the technique that is being used at the time of the test.
7. Why can't a lancet be used for multiple tests?
Different lancets should be used for each test, as this is a sterile single-use product. If one is used for multiple tests, the glucometer may give high or low results because blood residues from previous tests may possibly accumulate. On the other hand, using the same lancet for several tests can cause it to wear, which could cause more pain when puncturing.
8. Should the Glucometer and the strips be calibrated?
No, GlucoQuick Medical Devices are calibrated at the factory and the strips for glucometers do not require coding.
9. Why does the Glucometer give high or very low results such as Hi and Lo?
Basically, these messages or results appear due to poor storage of the strips or due to improper technique. They can also be caused by using expired strips.
10. Why doesn’t the equipment turn on?
In the case of glucometers, it may be due to the following factors:
- Worn battery
- Broken battery holder
- Battery inserted incorrectly
11. How are the equipment revisions done in person?
Initially, validations are performed by telephone through the 01 8000 510 361 line. Once communication is established with the Contact Center, validations will be implemented and, if necessary, the scheduling will be done to carry out the in-person revision.
12. The device shows an E-b on the screen, and it turns off. Why is this?
The mentioned error means battery error and this is presented by the Device when the battery is discharged, therefore, the battery in use must be replaced with a completely new one of the same references.
13. What is the reference of the G30a Glucometer battery?
The reference of the G30a Glucometer battery is CR2032.
14. Where can I get the batteries for the Devices?
In pharmacies, supermarkets or chain stores.
15. When the battery is changed, should the date and time be set up?
Yes, the date and time must be reconfigured.
16. My device is giving me an E-U error. What is the reason for this error?
This error is because the strip is already used or contaminated. Tests must be done with new strips for the Glucometer to function normally.
17. The blood pressure monitor is showing an E-1 error and my cuff is not inflating. What is this about?
This error indicates wrong inflation of the cuff, which is caused by wear on the cuff.
18. Do the strips of any Glucometer work in another reference?
The strips only work in equal references to the Devices. For example, the Diamond line strips only work for these Devices (GlucoQuick Diamond Mini, Voice, Prima, GD50)
19. My lancet holder is broken. What can I do?
You must contact our Contact Center 01 8000 510 361, where the applicable validations will be made, and then a new lancet holder will be shipped free of cost.
20. How much should I pay to have the Device checked?
The equipment revision service has no cost, it is completely free.